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LR-TEK is a manufacturer, importer and distributor of precision machined parts and welded sub-assemblies.

With our Jiaxing installations and employees, we can substantially reduce your cost on custom parts. LR-TEK also has a purchasing department that assures a supply for all parts and standard components according to your specifications, and at the best prices on the market.

Our plant in Montreal, Canada offers personalized North American service for your management needs in terms of demand, engineering, logistics and inventory.

Our Jiaxing, China plant handles purchasing of raw materials and standard parts, manufacturing and assembly, quality control monitoring and shipping to the Montreal plant.


Personalized North American service paired with low-cost Asian production has set LR-TEK above the competition, offering our clients benefits such as:

Considerably reduced production costs
(sometimes by as much as 50%);
Reduction of capital investment and financing costs;
Conversion from fixed costs to variable costs;
Decrease in non value-added activities;
Concentration of internal resources to strategic tasks;
No worries about customs, shipping or language barriers.


To ensure that we meet the high quality specifications of our customers, an LR-TEK team oversees critical control points throughout production stages. Following the production of parts, our team validates conformity by taking random sample measurements.

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